During the days off, we constantly think of relaxing treatments in order to revitalize the body and mind. A new trend, which is gaining more and more use is halotherapy, or salt therapy - a modern method of therapy that consists of using salty air to improve breathing problems. Halotherapy is a natural, safe treatment with no side effects. But what exactly are the effects of this treatment?
-Removal of impurities from the respiratory system (cleansing of the lungs).
-Improving the condition and appearance of the skin.
-Increased immunity.
-Helps improve diseases related to the respiratory system.

However there are some limitations regarding this treatment. Halotherapy is not allowed to be used by persons who:
- Suffer from contagious diseases.
- They have a fever.
- Suffer from cancer.
- They have open wounds.
- Suffer from mental disorders.
- Suffer from severe hypertension.

Number of halotherapy sessions recommended for:
-Flu symptoms
-Ear infections
-Other temporary diseases of the respiratory system is from 1 to 8 sessions.

As for diseases such as:
Inflammation of the sinuses
-Other chronic diseases of the respiratory system or diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, etc. are recommended from 12 to 20 sessions within a short period of time for an optimal result.

If halotherapy is performed to relax, the number of sessions is not specified. To take full advantage of the effects of halotherapy, it is advisable to have sessions 2 times a week or more. It is also advisable to repeat the therapy up to 3 times a year to maximize the benefits of the treatment. The halotherapy session has a duration of 30 minutes.
This treatment is not only suitable for children, but also highly advisable (can be performed for children starting from 1 month). It has even been observed that children react faster than adults during treatment.

Most people who incorporate halotherapy into their well-being routine claim to have found relief from a variety of respiratory conditions.