Laser Soprano Titanium

Talíse Beauty and SPA. This device makes permanent hair removal possible and gives you a perfect skin just like you dreamed of.
Soprano Titanium is safer and more effective for epilation, as it targets only the hairs and this makes it possible to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues thus gaining a soft and smooth skin.
This device comes with three different wavelengths which cover twice the surface of the skin. Thanks to its technology, this device reduces treatment time by 40-50% and adapts to all skin structures (dry, oily, sensitive) and skin tone. Even if you have just returned from a vacation, you can have a Soprano Titanium waxing session without any problems, because the risk from this device is extremely low. The device also comes with ICE PLUS, a cooling technology that can help maintain normal skin temperature throughout the treatment. This technique makes it possible for patients to experience no pain and to have a comfortable, fast and very efficient treatment.

Benefits of Soprano Titanium laser

Instantly reduces hair

Fits all skin tones

Does not cause pain and side effects

Faster process

It is realized in every season

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