About Us

Swim in the calm and relaxing waters of Talíse to experience the most wonderful experience of feeling beautiful. Talíse is the place where you can find all the solutions to fulfill your dreams of excellent services in perfecting your beauty, body and skin through a wide range of modern and unique treatments. Here you will find the most innovative Soprano Titanium waxing laser, where thanks to the technology used, you will say goodbye to hair forever. You can also do Halotherapy treatment, where a room full of salt will give you many positive effects on your well-being. Talíse Beauty and Spa comes with full service for all your health, aesthetics and beauty needs. Through the most efficient techniques and apparatus, you can perform aesthetic treatments for your face, where the result is perfect in reducing wrinkles, scars and any problem that worries you. We also come to the aid of your body, where thanks to technology, but also treatments and massages, you can tone the muscles and reduce problems of various kinds, thus giving your body the beauty it deserves.
We take care to do our best for you to spend unforgettable moments near our center.

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